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Lucidchart: Diagram drawing tool

There are many drawing tool. And it is difficult to choice one from such drawing set. Because there are many different features.

Several years ago, I used OmmniGraffle (
It is also good tool for drawing. Because OmmniGraffle has many pre-provided object not only UML diagram but also room-design, circuits-design, chemical diagram, etc, etc..... And ommnigraffle has good and easy to use UI. So, it is not so difficult to drawing diagram as me who is awkward. (^_^ ;;;) However, it is not easy to share data with several computers.You need several installation of ommigraffle onto individual mac, and you need to share your graph data using some way as using e-mail, network storages, dropbox,, or some other way. If you forget to make data onto such storage, then you need to remake from zero.

Recently (this 3 - 4 years), I switch to use Lucidchart. Lucidchart has more simple interface and objects than ommnigraffle. So, it is much easy to use. The U…