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Tokyo walking : New spot in Tokyo (akasaka, Kioicyo)

After long redeveloped, Kioi-cyo, Tokyo has new spot.
Akasaka Pince Hotel was closed. And the place had nothing. Recently, there are new place.

This building was owned by Li (re?) KIngdom family from china at 100s years ago. It is kept as important cultural assets.
 I think it is not only for cultural assets but also for cafe. Because I saw several staff people just in front of this building. I have not entered to this building.
This cultural assets is not only building but also this graden. You can see this garden for free. (I'm not sure that seeing the building needs fee or free.....

And just border of the building and parkgarden has a deer. Big deer..... The height of the deer is larger than 4m.... (i think)

In the garden park has many restaurants. The area has 3-4 floors. And you can enter them directory from Akasaka-mituke station . I like there area.

Bellows are night view of this building.

GardenPark in English :