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This is memo.
We can see message in log.log, when protocol send/receive NekoMessage  to/from other protocols. However, if some message extends NekoMessage then the send/receive log doesn't print into log. Because, the message is extended class from NekoMessage. The log mechanisms are working as (MAYBE) calling NekoMessage.getSource().
HOW TO PRINT LOG INTO "log.log" One of the solutions is to call This meaning is ....
#####BEGIN EXAMPLE###### (This is not completed code...... You need implements more for implementing protocols. ) Logger logger = new NekoLogger.getLogger(YourClassName.class.getName()); SenderInterface sender;
public void send(NekoMessage m) {"ANY MESSAGE  " + m.getSource()); 
public void setSender(SenderInterface sender) { this.sender = sender;
} ###########END EXAMPLE###############

Ubuntu 8.10 Intellistation

I was using Ubuntu 8.04 on Intellistation Z Pro.
This ubuntu was upgraded from Ubuntu 7.04 -> 7.10 -> 8.04.

Last week, I upgraded it to 8.10.
Then I could install it. But it was not working.
I got error before kernel loading.

The error messages are following.
Starting up.....
Loading, please wait....
Gave up waiting for root device. Common problems:
-Boot args (cat /prcc/cmdline)
-Check rootdelay= (did the system wit long enough?)
- Check root=(did the system wait for he right device?)
- Missing module (cat /proc/modules; ls /dev)
ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/ed...(16進数の数字列) does not exist. Dropping to a shell!

BusyBox v1.10.2 (Ubuntu 1:1.10.2-1ubuntu6) built-in shell (ash)
Enter `help` for a list of bult-in commands.

I sourch some other same problems.
Then, I could find it on Ubuntu forum.
The problem is kernel version.
On defaults, Ubuntu 8.10 supports Kernel 2.6.27.
However, he/she also said that Kernel 2.6.27 is not work on Intellistation Z P…

Virtual Memory

My mac laptop got crash by (null) process. Before crash it, I captured it from active monitor.
The process had virtual memory more than 1600000TB.

Where this mac hid such a big storage?????

Player/Stage :: Mac OSX Leopard

This is just memo.
I write memo for Player/stage on Mac OSX Leopard.

At first, we have to install Player/Stage by MacPort.
sudo port install playerstage-stage
sudo port install playerstage-player

Maybe, when you execute the player on your OSX then you will see the error for rgb.txt.
If you see this error then you need to make the symbolic link from "/usr/X11/share/X11/rgb.txt".

Well, MacPort provides Player/Stage version 2.0.3.
But, latest version of Player/Stage is version 3.0.1.
I downloaded version 3.0.1.
However, it didn't work because of version.
I try to use on version 2.0.3, then I can use player/stage.

[player/stage: javaclient2] sample

This 2 days, I could not understand about the player/stage. javaclient2 is one of the client tool for player.

Official site (player/stage)

Official page(javaclient2 for player/stgage)

The following url is community for javaclient2 for player/stage.

I try to write sample program same behavior as

import javaclient2.*;
import javaclient2.structures.PlayerConstants;
import javaclient2.structures.laser.*;

public class TestClassBasic
private String hName = "localhost";
private int port = 6664;
private double lLimit = 2;

public TestClassBasic()
PlayerClient robot = new PlayerClient(hName, port);
Position2DInterface p2d = robot.requestInterfacePosition2D(1, PlayerConstants.PLAYER_OPEN_MODE);

LaserInterface laser = rob…

[memo] player/stage: how to compile my robot code

This is memo for myself.
memo ver. 0.0.1

Player/stage is one of the robot simulater.
I use on Ubuntu Linux 7.10

CPU : Xeon

Official page

command name
on document------>on ubuntu
player ------>robot-player

compile my code
$ g++-3.4 -I/usr/include/player-2.0/ -L/usr/lib/ -lplayercore -lplayerc++ -o laserobstacleavoid

I thought 64bit proessor has some problems for compile it when I used it at first time.
However it has no problem.
My work was as monkey.

Installing fink to Leopard

Today, I install the fink to leopard (Mac OSX 10.5 : MacBook(Intel processor)).
I could not install it before days.... Actually, I don't know what was problems.....

1) To download it from fink project
2) Untar the tar package. I use "fink-0.27.7.tar.gz" .
3) To change the directory to the untered directory.
4) To execute the following command.
./bootstrap /sw
"/sw" is the directory what is the ROOT directory for fink.
Maybe, you can select sudo install.

Finally, we should read the readme file.........
Maybe, I didn't read before trying.....

MS SkyDrive

Last week, I can do nothing. Because I had pain at the eye, head, and all of the skins. So, I wan in my bed.

Well, today, I find the SkyDrive. It is provided by MS Windows Live. It is free as Messenger. We can use 5 GB disk space. I try to use it. However...... the file uploading interface was so bad. When we want to upload the some file then we cannot chose the folders.

MS Office 2004 for MacOSX update

Today, I feel tired. I'm in my bed....

Today, MS Office 2004 for Mac OSX got update....
I find a problem about update.
The update system is so smart because we cannot update all version at same time.
Usually, I update just a time when I remind about it.

However, today I try to push update after updating the office.
Then I could see more update packages.
Finally, I update more than 4 times.

It is not convenient to use.....

USB bootable linux(Knoppix)

Knoppix is one kind of Linux distribution that can boot from CD or DVD.
It is useful when the OS get crash.

Well, following site providing the USB bootable Knoppix.
Recent CD/DVD bootable linux can not overwrite all data to there media (without others data media)
However,we can write the some data if it can be booted from USB memory stick.

Actually, I have not used it, yet....
If some one use it then let me know about it, please.

[OS] ReactOS

Today, I got new informations from my younger student.
He told me that we will be able to use the new Free OS.

This OS called as ReactOS.

It is looks like between Unix and Windows.
The most special thing is that the OS is compatibility with Windows XP and NT.

They was be able to use Diablo 2, Remote Desktop and etc... on that OS. ^^;;;;

[ Ubuntu ] printer set up

I set up the new printer on my Ubuntu Linux machine.
I had problem about the password.

The printer management system asked my password before finishing to set-up it. However, the system kicked my password. I suspected it. Then I changed password from command prompt. And try it again. However. the system also kicked my new password.
I ask to prof. google then many of person had same problems. The solution is just easy. We try it with as admin users. However, the system need the user that the user have to have lpadmin groups.
So, you can add your account to /etc/group as lpadmin.

#sudo vi /etc/group
and add your account name to the end of lpadmin
lpadmin:x:109:your_user_name, your_username2(if your pc has more than 2 administrators)