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Bottle salad for lunch

Recently, my wife cook bottle salad for my lunch (also for breakfast.)

Many magazines for women, they introduce a style of lunch in there office.  Bottle salads are also a style of luche in office life.
Above salads are chicken salad. Bottle salad is layered as above. Each layer should keep isolated each other. It may be looked bad thing by first inspiration because sauce can not be mixed bely well. However, imagine, if you will eat this salad just after bottle, then you can mix very well similar with to put them on salad ball. However, this salad is cooked one night before to eat.
And the most important thing is how to keep cleanness in a bottle. Many books introduce boiling of a bottle. But it needs much time than nothing to do. Because we need to make boiled water and  put bottle inside water. Then cooling weel. Usually, we use kitchen alcohol spray for kitchen staffs. It is much easier than boiling water. And we also need to care about water from grasses. It makes condensation on …

D's Farm 2015

I have another topic what I want to write about software service......

But, it is different topic today.
One month ago, I starts to make my farm in balcony of our room. We already had 3 foliage plants in our room. But there are only for green in out room.  So, we start to make farm for herbs and vegetables in our balcony, because it was a golden week (national holidays' week in japan.)

So, I start to write blog articles about our farm.
This is the 1st writing about it.

Our farm has three pots for herbs and vegetable.
1st is three rosemaries and japanese pepper tree.
Usually, growing speed of rosemary is too slow, if we start from seed. I had an experience to do from seen when I was grad student. It was needed more than 2 years from seed to this size. So we bought rosemary sapling. The two of green rosemary, I bought them 2 weeks ago. And I bought last one  on more than one month ago. I put it smaller pot. But it did not take root well. Now, it become to recover. ( I hope it als…